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Woman happy with our office coffee services in Montreal, QC.

CAFÉS & THÉS Coffee and Tea Services in Montreal, QC

CCoffee and tea are the fuels of the office, providing much-needed caffeine and a delicious flavor to every employee. At Distributrice Canadienne, we offer coffee and tea services in Montreal, QC, ensuring your staff gets the boost it needs to power through the toughest days.


Nous vous offrons une variété de machines Keurig pour que votre bureau ait toujours un approvisionnement régulier de ses cafés préférés. Choisissez parmi les machines suivantes:

We carry a variety of Keurig Machines to ensure your office always has a steady supply of their favorite coffees. Choose from the following machines:

  • Keurig B140 (Small Office)
  • Keurig B130 (In-Room Hotel Brewer)
  • Keurig B3000se (Large Office)
  • Keurig B200 (Medium Office)
  • Keurig B150 (Small-Medium Office, Home Office)

K-cup Coffees & Teas

Keurig Coffees

Cup of espresso from our coffee services in Montreal, QC.

Coffee & Espresso Machines

In addition to our Keurig offerings, we have espresso and coffee machines from VOCE MEDIA. We offer a range of flavors available for these machines. Please keep in mind that these coffee service machines are not compatible with Keurig machines.

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Wittenborg 9100 | KREA NECTA | Eccellenza Touch | Newco Espresso 

  • Union Espresso Bar Elite
  • Union House Blend
  • Union Fair Trade French Vanilla
  • Union St-Viateur
  • Union Colombie
  • Union Vanilla Hazelnut
  • Union Ambassadeur
  • Union Viennois
  • Union Espresso 3 Cafés
  • Union Espresso Bar Italia
  • Heritage Moka Java
  • Heritage Hot Chocolate Powder
  • Victorian Inn French Roast Ground
  • Victorian Inn French Vanilla Powder
  • Victorian Inn Ultra Vending Cream
  • Timothy’s Breakfast Blend
  • Timothy’s Italian Blend
  • Timothy’s Nicaraguan
  • Timothy’s Parisian Nights
  • Van Houtte Decaf
  • Van Houtte Colombien
  • Van Houtte Mélange Maison
  • Starbucks Pike Place
  • Starbucks Verona


People prefer their coffee in different ways. We know that, and we make it easy to have your coffee just the way you like with our range of office coffee supplies and accessories.

  • Splenda Enveloppes | Splenda Envelopes
  • Sweet & Low Enveloppes | Sweet & Low Envelopes
  • Sucre Blanc Sac De 2 Kg | White Sugar 2 Kg
  • Sucre Blanc Enveloppes | White Sugar Envelopes
  • Cassonade Enveloppes | Brown Sugar Envelopes
  • Sucre Brut Enveloppes | Raw Sugar Envelopes