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Healthy snacks for work in Montreal, QC.

Breakroom Supplies in Montreal, QC

Keeping breakrooms well-stocked makes it easier for your employees to get the things they want or need when they’re looking for them. This ensures your employees are happier and more productive. Whether they need a napkin or they’re looking for a quick boost, Distributrice Canadienne offers a range of breakroom supplies in Montreal, QC, and snacks to keep your staff happy. We also offer sandwiches and salads for your employees for their lunch. 


  • Gâteaux Au Caramel | Caramel Cake
  • Mars | Mars
  • Caramilk | Caramilk
  • Brownies Vachon | Brownies Vachon
  • Rice Crispy (Barre Guimauves) | Rice Crispy
  • Biscuits Big Daddy (Varié) | Big Daddy Cookies (Varied)
  • Coffee Crisp | Coffee Crisp
  • Biscuits Dad’s | Dad’s Cookies
  • Kit Kat | Kit Kat
  • Aero | Aero
  • Skittles | Skittles
  • Hostess Chips (Variété) | Hostess Chips (Varied)
  • Glosettes Arachides | Glosettes Peanuts
  • M&Ms Arachides | M&Ms Peanuts
  • M&Ms Chocolat | M&Ms Chocolate
  • Smarties | Smarties
  • May West Gâteaux | May West Cake
  • Reeses | Reeses
  • Joe Louis Gâteaux | Joe Louis Cake
  • Twix | Twix
  • Tartes Aux Pecan | Pecan Tart
  • Excel Gum | Excel Gum
  • Plantain Chips | Plantain Chips
  • Oh Henry | Oh Henry
  • Snickers | Snickers
  • Glosettes Raisins | Glosettes Raisins

Tous les produits de collation et de nourriture sont disponibles pour être utilisés dans les machines distributrices ou achetés individuellement.

 All our healthy snacks for work and food products are available to be used in vending machines or purchased individually.

En Bonne Santé | Healthy choices 

  • Compote de pomme | Applesauce
  • Salade de fruits (pêche, pamplemousse) | Fruit cups (Peach, Grapefruit)
  • Barre de céréales (Clif, Made Good, Fibre 1, Taste of nature, Quinoa) | Granola Bars (Clif, Made Good, Fibre 1, Taste of nature, Quinoa)
  • Houmous | Hummus 
  • Guacamole | Guacamole 
  • Yoghourt Liberté | Liberté yogourt
  • Crudité | Veggie dip cups
  • Biscotte | Melba toast
  • Fromage (Balderson, Baby Bell) | Cheese (Balderson, Baby Bell)
  • Riz au lait | Rice Pudding
  • Algues rôti | Roasted seaweed
  • Lait d’amande | Almond Milk
  • Fruit (Oranges, pommes, bananes…) | Fruit (Oranges, apples, bananas...) 

Sandwiches et salades gourmands | Gourmet sandwiches and salads 

  • Sandwich au pita (œuf, houmous, canneberge, Poulet, thon) | Pita sandwich (egg, hummus, cranberry, chicken, tuna)
  • Sandwich au pita (œuf, houmous, canneberge, Poulet, thon) | Brown bread (vegetarian, chicken pesto, egg, chicken, chicken salad, tuna) 
  • Salade (poulet, œuf, jambon, poulet césar) | Salad (chicken, ham egg, chicken cesar)
  • Oeufs au vinaigre | Eggs in vinegar


Serving supplies and utensils make our lives easier when they’re readily available for your office snacks. Here is what we have to offer for your break room:

  • Serviettes | Napkins
  • Assiette en papier | Paper Plates
  • Utensiles | Cutlery
  • Serviettes En Papier | Paper Towels
  • Gobelets et couvers | Cups and Covers